Convert your video

Most people have their music in the form of Lps. While every one wants to keep up to date with the latest entertainment gargets in the industry, one gets to meet various setbacks. For example, everyone wants to have an iPod. However buying an iPod comes with its disadvantages as this requires you find a way of transferring the music in your LP to your iPod.

Afterwards you will need to be a computer wizard to be able to upload these recorded tunes to your computer and be able to edit them to be in the required mp3 format. After this, you need to transfer the music to your iPod. This may be a very long and tedious process and especially if you are not very conversant with all these steps.

However, this need not worry you as technology has come to your rescue. All you need to do is buy a garget called an LP to iPod Converter or video converter.
It is very easy to use these pieces of hardware as all you need to do is connect this garget to your turntable, then dock the iPod and play the LP. This piece of hardware will convert your LP to mp3 files format and save them in your iPod.

The joy of this garget is that it can act as a sound card also. This means that you can connect to your computer via USB and transfer or save your records to your computer.