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ITandSociety is a web-based scholarly journal devoted to the computer software, operating systems, different information technology and about the role of information technology on society.


androidAndroid is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Initially, Android was developed by Android Inc. Android Inc was founded by Andy Rubin in Palo Alto, California in October 2003.

Google was working hard on making its search and applications available to the mobile phones too. The first move of Google to enter the mobile phone market happened on August 17, 2005


Computer Security

computer-securityWith the advent of programming languages and technologies, vast number of software packages are being developed and released day by day. Software plays a fundamental role in all platforms.

The diverse types of packages available are free software, freeware and shareware and paid software. Free software grants the user with unrestricted access.


iOS Review

iosIn this modern scenario, the entire world has been out evolved in a nut shell technology. iOS is one of the entities which bloom in technology development.

This is an operating system mainly developed for iphones. This concept is innovated and modulated by Apple. This is further extended to various products like ipad, touchpad and apple TV etc.



Operating Systems

Linux is an operating system that is used as an alternative to other operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and others.

Windows 8 is an operating system clustered with the diverse features.

Software Articles

Numerology is the study of numbers, their combination and their interaction in one's life.

VeBest is a newcomer to the software market that began its activity relatively recently.

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