New version of Windows

windows-logoWindows 8 is an operating system clustered with the diverse features. Windows 8 is developed to run in dual mode win 32 and win RT. Windows 8 supports for both Personal computers and tablets. This operating system also works well on slim laptops. Windows 8 is touch centric and tiles based interface. Charms is the new feature introduced by windows 8.

In great part, this is an innovative implementation of the Windows traditional start bar. This can be configured to any application. Charms option is easily accessed by the mouse button in traditional personal computers where as it is accessed by swiping it from the right in tablets. Snap multi tasking is a great option which is used to carry out multi task by running two applications side by side.

The application can be made smaller or larger by dragging the bar for use. Switching between applications in Windows 8 can be made by swiping from the left-hand side of the screen. However, applications which are running cannot be viewed by us in single screen. The control panel of windows 6 is modernized. There are some new options which include Personalize, Wireless, Notifications, General, Privacy, Search, users and Share.

Web navigation by touch is included to have faster browsing by built in internet explorer 10. This operating system is associated with two key pads which include traditional keypad and new thumbs keypad.

Enhanced copy option is also included which performs copy operation in single dialogue box. New Universal Serial ports are provided which operates at ten times the greater speed. Windows 8 gives an extended support to the multiple monitors. It is associated with two monitors.

Primary monitor is clustered with a start menu and secondary monitor is attached with the switcher button. This article emphasizes the entire features of windows 8.