iOS Review

iosIn this modern scenario, the entire world has been out evolved in a nut shell technology. iOS is one of the entities which bloom in technology development. This is an operating system mainly developed for iphones. This concept is innovated and modulated by Apple. This is further extended to various products like ipad, touchpad and apple TV etc. iOS is developed to promote various needs of the users.

This is used in all types of hardware. The interface of the iOS is based on the direct manipulation. The elemental controls include sliders, switches and buttons. The response is very quick and it provides a fluid interface. Communication with the OS includes tap, switch, reverse switch, multi touch interface. There are many versions available in the operating system. Accelerometers are used to make the rotation or view dimensionally. There are four layers in the operating system.

They are Core operating system layer, core services layer, media layer and cocoa touch layer. Cocoa touch is a platform for building software programs on the hardware devices. This is mainly written in c language. There are many default applications with the operating system. Some of them include safari, app store, you tube, media player, iTunes, game center, voice control etc. Multi tasking options are also available. Memory is also managed up to one giga byte.

There are many advantages present in this operating system. Some of them include better application quality, optimized applications, cloud computing based applications, better editing applications, better voice mail application, one button application etc. This operating system enhances navigation through sites. The architecture of the operating system is the ARM architecture. These properties promote the usage of this operating system in diverse areas. iOS is a user friendly platform. This article explains about the various external and internal features of the operating system.