android_logoAndroid is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Initially, Android was developed by Android Inc. Android Inc was founded by Andy Rubin in Palo Alto, California in October 2003. Google was working hard on making its search and applications available to the mobile phones too. The first move of Google to enter the mobile phone market happened on August 17, 2005 as Google acquired Android Inc.

The key employees like Rubin and Miner stayed in the company even after acquisition. It was after that, the revolution in the mobile phone market occurred. Rubin and his team mates developed a platform for mobile device, called Android, which, was powered by Linux kernel. Google then started marketing its android to cell phone manufacturers and network operators on the promise of providing a flexible and upgradable system. The android code is available as an open source under the Apache license. Hence the applications that extend the functionality of devices can be developed by any developer. Google markets android within certain group members according to Open Handset Alliance.

Android is programmed using languages such as C, C++ and Java. It belongs to the Linux family and its working state is current. It is an Open Source model since the codes are released as open source. Android is primarily used in devices such as Smartphones and Tablet Computers. It is Multi-Lingual, which has made it easy to use for the consumers across the globe. The kernel that is used now is Monolithic kernel, which is nothing but the modified version of Linux Kernel.

Android is supported in almost all the platforms; the most important of them are the ARM (Advanced RISC Machine), MIPS and so on. Android is distributed by package managers such as Google Play (previously Android Store) and APK (Application Package File).