Linux operating system

Linux-LogoLinux is an operating system that is used as an alternative to other operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and others. Linux evolved from the kernel created by Linus Torvalds. Linus Torvalds discovered Linus when he was just a student at the University of Helsinki.

Actually, he discovered it for his own use since the UNIX operating system that he used needed more modifications and improvements. He sent request to its creator but got no response from him. It was only then that he got an idea to create his own operating system. The speciality in Linux is that user’s comments and suggestions for modifications and improvements are taken into account. For this, it maintains online help and support.

Linux has become a very popular operating system that thousands of people online are in the process of learning it every day. The home site of Linux offers courses, with which one can learn how to use it in no time. Linux is neither a program like a word processor nor a set of programs like a Microsoft Office Suite. Linux is nothing but an interface between the computer hardware and the software programs, which run on it. The kernel is the focal point of any operating system.

Kernel is something that programs the chip that controls the computer. The kernel and operating system both are inter- dependent. Kernel is useless without programs. To fabricate a working system, a shell, a library, compilers, etc are needed. In fact, Linux came into life only because of the internet. Internet had played a crucial role in the development of Linux because it served as the means to coordinate the works of all the developers. Linux now has a user supported community website that promotes Linux through education and interaction with the users.