Good sportsmanship is defined as one how treats his teammates, opponents, officials, coaches with respect. Good sportsmanship denotes a personality that accepts a defeat as a reason to try harder. Sportsmanship teaches teamwork, patience, respect, understanding and much more great qualities. Good sportsmanship shows respect for others and earns respect from others. Sportsmanship consists of many aspects of a human’s character, the most fundamental being respect. The sportsman should respect both his teammates and his opponents as equals. He should play with integrity. Sportsmanship teaches sportsman to be more honest in dealings with opponents, to be unselfish in his desire and to enjoy the game. Good sportsmanship really enhances the experience of both playing and watching sports. Parents can teach their children the need of good sportsmanship that includes both small heroic efforts and gestures.

A good sportsman has been described as a person who treats loss or defeat without any complain, victory without rejoicing, and who treats his opponents with fairness, courtesy and generosity. He should play within the spirit as well as considering the rules. Players should know it is just a game. So there is no need to lower you to dishonesty to win. If anyone cheats, they will get the victory in the shorter span, but it will ring hollow for them forever. The sportsman does their best to get the whole team to be involved. So they should make efforts to make involve the poorly skilled players on the team as much. They should have some patience. The coach of the team bears the greatest burden of responsibility for sportsmanship. It is very much essential that the coach should teach its principles to his team.

The player on the team who exhibit the best sportsmanship should be honored. It is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate the support of sportsmanship. It is a better way to start the contest by shaking hands with opponents and wishing them. Sportsman should exercise self-control throughout the game, accepting decision of the coach and the officials. They should respect the interpretation of the rules. Viewers are the most difficult group to monitor. But some efforts should be taken to control them. Sportsman should know how to stay positively when the coach and officials are against him and his team. He should not put down the other team after his win. It is good offers some compliments to the opposing players. Good sportsmanship is important because it keeps the game more fun.